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....a G-string on AIR

If you want to hear this wonderful music as Johann Sebastian Bach intended then you need to hear it on an AIR from STEENSSEN.

Bach originally composed his famous "air" as the second movement of a larger piece - his "Suite No. 3 in D major, BWV 1068". This second part was to be played only by the violins. Later, in the 1800's, a musician called August Wilhelmj rearranged the second movement. On the score he wrote "auf der G-Saite" (on the G string) for the solo violin, which gave the arrangement the nickname we know today.

Listen here:

The point is that this type of music is exactly the kind that STEENSSEN created the AIR for. Listening to Bach on an AIR is awesome. Great accuracy in middle tones and treble light tones. The cellos and violins in clean pure harmony. Of course this applies to the sound of the human voice.

For delightful listening to clear speech such as dramas, e-books, pod-casts and news, the AIR is superb.
Steenssen AIR Trådløs Højttaler

One of the secrets of this amazing sound is that STEENSSEN products are made from sustainable natural materials. AIR in particular is solidly built in wood composite and there is no plastic at all in the main body. In fact you can say that AIR is made from the same materials that violins and cellos are made of. All that add to the authenticity of the sound.

And yes, we know that a g-string can be many things.



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