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  • Frederick Rickmann

You, me and the planet

One of the striking things about these present times is that the pandemic has made us realize that individually we are important. Everyone. Keeping distance, using protection, washing hands and being aware of others are all things that we can do as persons. And our behaviour individually creates a solution that brings benefits to the entire community and indeed the whole planet.

You, me and the planet

This strong sense of individual action in response to the Corona virus is in contrast to how we behave with the environment. Like the health challenges we are struggling with, we know that personal acts against waste, pollution, emission and lifestyle will benefit us all as a society. Yet the climate and environmental lobby is weak on guidelines and it is struggling to get the message across.

You, me and the planet

In STEENSSEN we have made a start. Against the powerful corporations like Sony and Apple, STEENSSEN is a tiny pin-prick. So what difference can we possibly make? Well we take our lessons from the pandemic. Every little helps. That means that we are creating a new kind of company that gives you music and enjoyment through great hifi sound. We are doing that using sustainable materials and processes that give a healthy working surroundings in our factories. As a major shift we see that we want to make things more locally without the need for shipping over great distances.

You, me and the planet - STEENSSEN

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