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  • Frederick Rickmann

Trust your own creativity

It’s true, isn't it, that much of the automation and AI in our smart devices makes it easier for us to use them. On the other hand, it is also true that all those algorithms make us, the users, a good bit dumber. The assumption of many smart interface engineers is that ease of use is the same as making things idiot proof. But what that really does is to take the skills and human judgement away from the pleasure of using the product.

The way we designed STEENSSEN products like ACTION is that they are easy to switch on and connect - and get great sound. But we also built in a learning process so that you, the user, can use your own skills and judgement to make the additional fine adjustments on the way you want to listen to the music or sound.

Trust your own creativity - STEENSSEN

The whole design process and method we use to make great sound more human and creative, not just dumber and automatic. Many of our customers really like this approach. They tell us that it takes about 14 days to really grasp how to use the ACTION interface to its maximum potential. For instance, one of the details we give you is almost unique in hifi like this. You get controls for bass and treble as well as volume on your remote control. So you can adjust from track to track and even as the music goes along.

Trust your own creativity - STEENSSEN remote control

New tech isn't just a new app on your device. Nor is it bots tracked by algorithms. New tech has to respond to making our lives more sustainable in a more meaningful and cognitive way - and not only in more sustainable environmental way. Of rather that our cultural environment also has to advance in a human way.



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