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  • Frederick Rickmann

The White House - windows of opportunity

The White House - windows of opportunity

As an architect, I always wanted glass to be glass. Windows should be more like transparent walls, rather than holes in a wall and that windows should not be subdivided into small panes. This is especially true with double and triple glazing where small panes are really just a pain when window-cleaning.

However I also have to recognise, that sash-bars on windows really do add a kind of screening quality to windows. This applies both to the outside and also to the inside. Internally sash-bars on the windows do give a very pleasant light that you don't get with large glazed areas.

The White House - windows of opportunity

In designing this new concept house in Denmark, the client asked to consider a white material finish and a 2020 zero energy construction. So that means high performance triple glazing windows. But the large areas of insulation glass allowed me to experiment with adding sash bars in a more modern context. That is the reason for the new White House to use a blend of modern glass with an aesthetic from a past age.

2020 zero energy construction - The White House - windows of opportunity


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