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  • Frederick Rickmann

"Hifi is the male equivalent of anti-wrinkle cream"

The quotation marks in the title are because I have to admit that I stole the line from an article by Jonathan Margolis in the Guardian. See it here

Hifi is the male equivalent of anti-wrinkle cream

Actually is it his wife who said that because she meant that both serious hifi and anti-wrinkle cream were based on very "dubious claims, expensive prices - and results which are only apparent to the buyer."

Hifi is the male equivalent of anti-wrinkle cream

Actually the beauty of that idea is not that both are expensive indulges but they both represent the fact that people to want to reach to grasp more natural sound and more natural looks. Both hifi and anti-wrinkle cream are great when you don't notice they are there - and yet the effect is stunning.

We used to say that design was good when you don't see it.

That great design is so naturally obvious that is shows itself to be absolutely right. So it is with good sound systems.

When you are experiencing great sound like STEENSSEN you don't have to know that the equipment is there - you can just be immersed in the quality of the music.



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