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Author: Quintijn Bulterman

Published on November 14, 2019


Denmark is a country that we know well at as a kind of audio Walhalla, with great brands such as DALI, Densen, Bang & Olufsen and Davone. One brand is better known than the other. We can now also add Steenssen to this list. We received the TT Grand loudspeaker from this young Danish manufacturer.

What should we think of an audio device that does not actually fit in the box of soundbar? And that in proportion to the amount of 950 euros? We think the design is a big and strong point of sale. The Steenssen TT Grand does not have to be directly under the TV. It could also be great on a dresser in the room. If a good audio steamer is connected, it tends to be hifi. Certainly if a good external power supply is added. We therefore see the Steenssen more as an active speaker unit, with added soundbar functionality.

For someone who doesn't want an average Sonos in his living room, this is a great alternative that also looks a lot better. Especially if you use the soundbar function. But for the piece of music, an external audio steamer is necessary. A simple solution could be a Chromecast. But for a bit of decent sound quality you quickly head towards a Bluesound Node 2 (i) or even better. Costs that come on top. But we also understand very well that two large speakers in a living room are not desired everywhere and then the Steenssen TT Grand is a great solution.

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