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  • Frederick Rickmann

Support the Circular Economy - buy a square loudspeaker.

If we are to achieve or even come close to the climate targets our governments have set, then the Circular Economy in some form is going to take a part. At its heart, the Circular Economy consists of the sensible idea of eliminating waste in materials, energy and resources. The concept encourages developing new kinds of products that last for much longer than they do today. In addition there is emphasis on the by-products of one process being the raw materials for another manufacture which in turn creates energy or other materials that can be put to good use. These efforts are already giving great benefits in reducing pollution and CO2 emissions.

Support the Circular Economy - buy a square loudspeaker.

A central aspect is that it isn't just an industrial dream and the realm of big business. Built into the Circular Economy is the need for ingenious innovation at all levels and also a cultural social participation that involves everyone from the factory floor to the consumer to the neighbour of the factory. As the pandemic has demonstrated - every individual can all make a difference. So where to start?

In STEENSSEN we are moving fast. The new NEO series of audio system is designed from scratch on the lines of the three R's. Repairable, Reusable, Recyclable. All the materials are natural - aluminium, wood and rubber. The manufacture is all done in Denmark and that is done using zero emission energy from wind turbines and all the production practices are completely in line with Scandinavian working environments. Globally you don't get much better than that.

You can expect STEENSSEN audio systems to last for as long as you want them too. All the components can be accessed and fixed at home. In practice you can see this in the fact that we have used visible screws so that each individual part can be changed if necessary - and easily. In fact we have used visible screws as a design feature. At the end of its useful life, all the parts and bits can be used by someone else for a similar or even for a different purpose.

Support the Circular Economy - buy a square loudspeaker.

Our aim is to bring a new generation of sound to people like you, who realise that the quality of life comes from things being well made and well thought out. We share the idea that being active in the climate crisis needs involvement and taking the right decisions.



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