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AIR - real craftsmanship

Seeing the AIR audio system for the first time, most people assume that the shape could only be made in plastic. But that isn't the case. Plastic and good sound just don't go well together. On the other hand, wood is one of the most perfect materials for good acoustics. What we decided to do with AIR was to design a brilliant system in wood - and keep it as sustainable as possible. To do that we had to engage some of the most innovative production techniques and some pretty clued-up craftspeople at STEENSSEN.

AIR - real craftsmanship - STEENSSEN

The actual loudspeakers are mounted directly into solid wood - and the woofer has its own acoustic chamber that also works as a stand - or a wall-mount.

The inner craft skills don't stop there. The advanced compact electronics, delivering 240 watts of pure STEENSSEN sound to you are a masterpiece of innovation. On top of that, the entire AIR audio system has an original finish coating which gives great protection against dust and looks outstanding at the same time. Part of the secret is the matt black coating and on the "wings" with metallic paint or with an Asian lacquer developed and perfected over many centuries.



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