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  • Frederick Rickmann

ACTION - we can rock you

It is one of those wonderful paradoxes that the newest technology is often tested in relation to the past. This is certainly true of the world of sound and hifi. One of the reasons for this is that CD's from the 80's are still the medium that delivers the best digital sound. In smart phones and tablets, the digital information that is streamed cordlessly is usually very diluted. In addition, the quality of the speakers in smart phones and tablets is hardly better than the old transistor radios that your grandmother had.

ACTION - we can rock you

To make this strange situation even more intriguing, the tracks which are used in reviews and commentaries of hifi equipment are often the golden oldies from the distant past. One of the absolute classics is "Hotel California" by the Eagles. That was recorded way so far back in the last century that you will have to Google it. And not just any version. It has to be the live performance recorded on the CD "Hell freezes over".

Another gig of all time that still amazes is Queen at the Live Aid concert in 1985 in London. This astounding performance has inspired a recent film about Freddy Mercury. But just watch the real thing. The original is better than the film. So listen to these two tracks on your phone or tablet or whatever. And if they sound thin and flat then it's a good sign that you need an ACTION audio system.

ACTION is a total sound system for your tv, pc, and cordlessly for your smart phone, tablet or gaming consol. It will give you the sound that modern technology really can provide - even with the older numbers. Rock on with ACTION.



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