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Start at the Finish

The artist and writer Wandou Ya from Taiwan has created a warm conversation about the thoughts and feelings that we women face during menopause.

But Wandou Ya's brush reaches over a wider meaning of the “change of life” than just the traditional. Here is the change onwards from #MeToo, the change to a new feminism, the change to a fresher view of equality.

Start at the Finish

The book is formed as a poetic collection of inspiring text and daring, sensual images. Page after page of new perspectives that lift the heart of feminism to a higher and more positive level. And all embraced by Wandou Ya's humor and provocative views.

Wandou Ya writes with an entertaining economy of style in her text. Her minimal oriental writing has a liberating straightforward expression that makes for easier understanding. She manages to capture the essence of difficult subjects with the delicate precision of her literary chopsticks. A lot can be said with one sentence or a single paragraph.

Start at the Finish

The book is not a huge work, and it takes up only 80 pages. But it is admirable to experience how much can be packed between the front and back covers. It is written in both Danish and English.

Her oriental origin is also very visible in her own photographs and selfies, which run through the book as a graphic thread along with life sketches. There are not many European women who have a figure that matches her genetic Asian build. But that does not diminish the powerful message. We women come in many sizes, skin colors, ages, ethnicities, and cultures. Wandou Ya reaches out to most women.

Start at the Finish

Great quotes,

"Women must be freed from the burqa of Puritanism."
"We must fight against the digital chastity belts in cyberspace."
"What this means for the woman in her mid-50s is a period of golden opportunity that we have never seen before."



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