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  • Frederick Rickmann

Livestream your own concert

All over Europe, the lock-down restrictions are being removed, allowing more movement and contact. It’s great that the pandemic is on the wane. But the whole idea of a large rock concert or public performance is still way in the future. The excitement and buzz of having a large number of people together isn't going to happen any time soon.

Livestream your own concert

We still need to hear good music. We still need to support musicians and the music industry. In these times of crisis, we may be short of personal freedom, but we are not short of imagination and new ideas. The Danish band Carpark North recently live-streamed a concert from the national stadium, Parken, without an audience being there physically, but sharing the experience online. In Europe, the UK and the states there is a fast increasing number of live-streaming music. To mention just a few, check out -


Livestream your own concert

It goes without saying that you just cannot appreciate a live-streamed concert on a smart phone or tablet. You need some proper hifi kit to do justice to the great music. You can get a STEENSSEN sound centre for about the same price as a ticket to good concert or to a rock festival. So - you are waiting - for what???



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