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  • Frederick Rickmann

Be lazy with ACTION

One of the many interesting aspects to come out of the present pandemic is that there is now a lot of scientific data about what happens when people stay more with their families and at home. The list is impressive. Many fewer heart attacks, a huge drop in antibiotics for children, less social stress, brain hemorrhaging at a record low and the same for low level for premature births. To increase social contact we have seen that community singing and activities actually gave many benefits.

Be lazy with ACTION of STEENSSEN

It seems the reduced pace of our lives that has been imposed upon us by the virus has given us some clues about what was wrong with our old lifestyles. So really what we must learn from this health emergency is something fundamental. There is a truth in the fact that relaxing, chilling out, taking it easy are all essential parts of being healthy. And to increase our well-being we need the tools like the ACTION audio system to make the most of our time.

Be lazy with ACTION of STEENSSEN

Our research has shown that listening to quality sound actually makes us linger longer in what we are doing. That is no matter whether you are listening to music or a podcast or an e-book. The sonic quality adds so much to the pleasure of listening, that it helps you relax and to be actively relaxing for longer. It might seem strange that being lazy is beneficial but I guess we know ourselves that this is the case. Veg out to great music and you live longer and happier.

So get an ACTION and do the opposite of the word. Be inactive - except to listen and enjoy and appreciate and experience.



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