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BLUE is the way to GREEN

"BLUE and other shapes 2" is a book that really makes you think about how we live in cities. As the title implies, the book is the revised and expanded imprint of the original title "BLUE and other shapes" from 2019. The original book certainly met with an enthusiastic response and in this second edition, the text is extended, giving greater depth and more explanation. Many photographs speak for themselves, others don't, and these need a helping hand.

Blue and other shapes 2

Since the first edition, the climate debate has intensified, and global temperatures have continued to rise unabated. The pandemic has swept across many different societies such that we ought to see new norms and lifestyle patterns emerging. New generations with new forthcoming technologies can be expected to introduce a new set of lifestyles and awareness rather than the one we have seen the back of. This book is an inspiration to that movement.

Sustainability is one of the themes running through the essays that make up the narrative. Sustainability in broadest sense where the human, aesthetic side of sustainable quality is also brought into the picture. The book is about the human spirit as it is interpreted through the materials and substance of our built environment.

The design of "BLUE and other shapes 2" introduces an original way of using images as a photographic debate about the future of our built environment. In many ways, this new style can be compared to a physical version of an online platform.

The author is Frederick Rickmann, an award-winning urban designer, architect and designer, who lives in Denmark. It is in his capacity as architect and designer that Rickmann has visited many varied destinations across the globe. This multitude of experiences and different cultures points of view has given a versatile insight and new thinking to how the new challenges can be met.

There are many solutions in the book. They are not set up in a list of bullet points, but instead they are written between the lines. When you recognise the solutions yourself, they become more evident and stronger.

This is an international book, written in English and in a style that will appeal to the normal reader. It is free of architectural jargon. It does deal with complex messages but in a manner where the questions involved are made comprehensible. And when issues are understood, the challenges become surmountable.

Can’t wait to get one? CLICK TO BUY ISBN nr: 9788797145517



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