• Frederick Rickmann

After the pandemic

In the aftermath of the global virus, the old "normal" just does not exist anymore. So we cannot simply "go back to normal". The streets are empty, the shops are closed, people are out of work and families are in isolation. It is natural that this pandemic and the next one will have repercussions. So where are we going?

Strangely the solutions we are seeking may lie in the parallel global challenge of the climate. The need is there now for creative new-thinking people to envisage a planetary future where our products and cities are transformed into sustainable - and healthy environments. We can see already that cities in lock-down are also considerably free of pollution. We observe also a major shift in purchasing patterns.

It is fascinating to see how the two twin goals and global health and global climate interlock and match together. Care of nature, materials, the way we make things - the things we surround ourselves with and the way these are all arranged in new urban environments will dictate the future.

The thinking is already underway here in our design world. Very often the visionary development have to be expressed to be recognised. Architects and designers do that particularly well. If you have ideas and proposals or just want to share some impressions please feel free to mail us.

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