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  • Frederick Rickmann

Round sound from a rectangle

This is a fairly tech kind of blog. However the point in technology is that it has to have a purpose, a reason. This is specially true of hifi sound. So the real starting point of this blog is cultural. It is a guitar riff, the middle tones of a Mozart piano, the voice of Adele, the script of an e-book spoken by the human voice.

Round sound from a rectangle - STEENSSEN AIR

One of the striking audio systems from STEENSSEN is called AIR. It concentrates on delivering the treble and mid-tones of all the above. It does so through rather advanced loudspeaker technology which we have specially designed for AIR and the ACTION types of system.

Round sound from a rectangle - STEENSSEN AIR SE

In the wing of the AIR there is a round high frequency "tweeter" but in addition to that we included a specially design rectangular speaker. The great advantage of a rectangular speaker is that the deep middle tones are created by the extended length of the horizontal axis whereas the higher tones are handled in the vertical axis. In one direction it is a 110 mm speaker. In the other direction is its 45 mm speaker. So within one speaker we can deliver a very wide range of sound.

Round sound from a rectangle - STEENSSEN AIR

Sometimes these speakers are called "racetrack" speakers for obvious reasons. Oval shaped and racetrack speakers are not new. The technology has been around for a few years. However this particular one is designed by STEENSSEN to more cutting-edge technology dimensions and crafted carefully by our sonic lab to give very remarkable performance - and an affordable price.



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