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  • Frederick Rickmann

ACTION - the invisible audio system

It’s a great story. When we first took ACTION along to the photographers on location for the first photo shoots, the photographer said

"You have to use a much smaller tv screen. With a normal sized screen, ACTION just disappears from view!!"

Our reply was

"That is exactly what we intended to do!!"

When we started to design ACTION, our aim right from the start was to make an impossibly slimline audio system that was so slender, that it was almost just like a line beneath the tv. Of course with such a large woofer bass speaker built in, we also needed a certain volume of air to give the renowned STEENSSEN sound. Woofers are big things, as the name implies. The photographers’ words confirmed that we got it right.

STEENSSEN ACTION - the invisible audio system
STEENSSEN ACTION - the invisible audio system

Here is ACTION with a small 32" screen, just to please the photographer. With a current 55" to 60" screen the ACTION takes on its very discrete role or providing great sound with a tiny visual footprint.

STEENSSEN ACTION - the invisible audio system

ACTION is probably the audio system that embodies everything we want to do in STEENSSEN. Great sound, ingenious design, sustainable material and all at affordable prices. ACTION is discrete yet with a strong design expression. It is self-explanatory. You can see how it works, and for us that is an important fact. It looks effective and adds to any home decoration even when the whole thing is switched off.



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