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  • Frederick Rickmann

If you are in lock-down you aren't going to like this blog

A few years ago, my CO2 footprint was an environmental catastrophe. Not on the earth mind you, but in the air. Where it matters. I enjoyed flying. And by that I mean, not even in small regional jets, but in the really big ones. Boeing Mega-tops and the like and on long distances. And to make matters a whole lot worse, I was not crammed into Economy. Or even Economy Plus. Sorry, but my seat was high up and let's say, well in front of the engines. (I warned you, that you wouldn't like this blog.) My saving grace was that every time I got one of these flights I always thought, that maybe this was the last one. So I had better enjoy it. Not because of flight safety, you understand, but because I am a designer and nobody likes paying a designer any worthwhile fees.

If you are in lock-down you aren't going to like this blog

The point of this blog though is not at all about flying but about two music cassettes that I used in my Walkman. I used the two cassettes only when flying. You know the special sensation there is when you hear a music track or smell a perfume, it reminds you of a place or occasion. Well I wanted to recreate that. The special atmosphere like of flying out of Singapore and over the South China Sea and magical flights like that. I have a mental image of the blueness and cloud patterns and Duran Duran. Recently I have been trying to recreate those playlists from the digital streaming services that we all now have in our smart devices.

What I found was that it isn't as easy as it sounds. What exactly were those tracks? How to rebuild that atmosphere? What was the order of the tracks? The great thing about the old Walkman was that it was entirely analog. You didn't have to bother about flight mode or 4G/5G coverage or other digital restrictions like that. It played instantly. Nothing about wifi coverage or what not. Switch on and play. There was a freedom in keeping things technologically simple. Well let me share a few tracks from way back then, but be warned - they are all oldies:

Duran Duran - Come Undone

Metallica - Nothing Else Matters

David Bowie - Space Oddity

Sting - Every Breathe You Take

4 Non Blondes - What's Going On

David Gilmore - Comfortably Numb

Somehow those ancient tracks from way back then still sound kinda relevant today. The strength of modern music streaming services is that the time factor has been removed. Older recordings can be appreciated at the same level as the newest and latest tracks. That was never really the case before when the entertainment industry was always pushing the newest all the time. Now there is a greater depth and appreciation of music and bands from a wide spectrum of decades. It’s a huge bonus.

As for my CO2 footprint, I am happy to say that its nanoscopic in comparison to the turn of the century. Especially in these times of Teams/Zoom/WA/Skype meetings. My shoes get worn out quicker because of the distance I walk daily. And I still enjoy those old tracks - now on even better Bluetooth noise-reduction headphones.

If you are in lock-down you aren't going to like this blog


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