• Frederick Rickmann

Cool AIR

There is a basic truth, isn't there, that if you have to say that something is cool and trendy, then it isn't that anymore. Cool has to be cool without it being said. When something is cool there has to be an understated obviousness about it. You see it once - and that it’s it. That is the way it is.

Fashionable is different from cool. Fashion is something that is applied and in fact has very little to do with style. Style in design is the effortless understanding of shape and matter. In AIR, style is also the understanding of sound, how it is produced and how it is enjoyed. Style is completely timeless, whereas fashions change with every quarter in every year.

In Danish design we always say that

"Good design is when you can't take any more away".

By that we mean reducing the design to the essentials, keeping pure geometry and shape, using the materials to their utmost and doing it all with great craftsmanship and élan. Oh yes, and with a dash of humour and an element like - unpredictability. Enjoy the coolness of AIR.

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