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  • Frederick Rickmann

AIR your views - hear the truth

Listening is the very essence of what we do. If you think about it, a good loudspeaker is not about just producing sounds, its about how we listen to it.

At STEENSSEN we have also been listening to the people who have bought our products. And to be honest, no amount of market research could give the super feedback and inspiration that we have received. So with a nod of thanks, its worth noting who listens to AIR.

What we found was a bit unexpected. Mostly people chose AIR because of its clarity in speech and music in the higher tones, like piano music and guitar. Then there was a large group who used AIR mostly for listening to e-books and podcasts and streaming radio. Among that group were also many language students. They needed to hear the pronunciation of language as distinctly as possible.

Part of the secret of AIR's sound lies in the fact that it is mostly built in sustainable wooden and metal parts. Good sound comes from these natural material. In addition we use simpler and more advanced electronics - but as little as possible and as simple as possible.

The characteristic that most people liked was that AIR does not go with the trend of having too much deep bass sound. Instead we wonder if the clear sonic tone of AIR is a new trend for this emerging era where there is a need for a purer natural climate, cleaner environment, and let's be honest, to a more authentic lifestyle.



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