• Frederick Rickmann

What do ACTION and Buddhist monks have in common?

The traditional material for casting bells is bronze. The metal is a mixture of copper and tin and it is used because of its durability and hardness in comparison to copper. It is also used because of its acoustic qualities in sound. The US Liberty Bells and the Great Bell of Big Ben in London are made from bronze. In Asia, Buddhist monks have made great use of the sound qualities of bronze in bells and also in there bowls and ceremonial cymbals and smaller bells.

STEENSSEN ACTION and Buddhist monks have in common

In ACTION Special Edition we use bronze and for the same reason. The sonic qualities of the speakers are enhanced by the shape and surfaces of the reflex ports that bring the bass sound waves from the acoustic chamber. There is something entrancing about the sound that emanates from bronze shapes. Something very human about the sound waves and make.

In ACTION the bronze reflex ports are machined from sold bronze. In that way you get a more robust sound and acoustic resonance from the finely lined surface. We don't polish the bronze, but leave the milling lines exactly as they are. We have found that this gives the best response. It also means that bronze is a natural living material and it will develop a patina over time, perhaps changing colour slightly.


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