• Frederick Rickmann


"Hot AIR" is a most appropriate description of the AIR audio system from STEENSSEN. The word "hot" carries many meanings with it and most of them are exactly right for AIR. For instance, it is a great selling product, so it is hot on the market. Although we have to admit that the people who buy AIR are not the ones we expected at first when AIR was still on the drawboard.

The fact that hot air rises is also a great metaphor. We like the slowness and steadiness of hot air ballooning. Being able to reach high and then stay there, floating effortlessly across the landscape is a wonderful way to describe the sound and tonal quality of the AIR audio system. There is very little heavy bass in AIR.

The customers who choose AIR are a very wide selection of folk from across the age spectrum. Some are older citizens who like the light precise sound. Others are young students - who like AIR for exactly the same reason, but for different purposes. Some concentrate on language, the accuracy of the human voice. Some like AIR for hearing e-books and radio podcasts. Some like the clear precision of AIR because their hearing just isn't what it used to be. Isn't that hot???

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