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  • Frederick Rickmann

Green AIR

It is no bad thing that life will NOT go back to being normal again. Normal was a time of pollution, stressful lifestyles, obesity, climate change and pandemics. Most people today are looking forward to new thinking on how to bring back healthy living, sustainable materials, non-carbon energy and a healthier future across the planet.

Green AIR

Part of the solution lies in making reusable, repairable and renewable products. In this, the AIR audio system is one step ahead. AIR contains practically no plastics at all. The main form, which is renowned for its elegance is milled from solid wood materials. After all, wood is one of the best acoustic materials available. The carbon footprint of AIR is tiny. In addition, the craftsmanship that goes into AIR is that kind of enterprise that benefits many a local community.

Green AIR

Many people find it difficult to grasp, that wood products can be refined to such a delicate extent. For instance, the ends of the wings of the AIR are designed to be just as visually slim as your flat screen tv. However by intelligent use of this fine natural material, there are many ways in which the pure elegance of the natural strength of the material can be expressed.

And above all else, the sound from AIR is rich, round and radiant.



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