A talk from the founder of STEENSSEN, Frederick Rickmann

STEENSSEN products are built solidly on my three decades of designing loudspeakers and hifi electronics. My design company - DNgroup have designed series after series of speakers for Dynaudio, DALI, Scansound Podspeakers, Coin Audio, JS Speakers in Asian - and through them to Sony, and so on.

However many speaker systems have traditionally been separate from television. Stereo has been the main way forward and still is for the nerds.

STEENSSEN products start at a different place. We start at looking at what people and families really need. And we could see that with the spread of income we should combine tv sound and also streaming sound from iPhone, tablets and what not together into an all-inclusive solution.

In addition I have a kind of mission to bring good sound as an enlightening and educational factor to families. Kids listening accurately to music and instrumentation learn a lot. Much culture is embodied in good sound.


Two very important parts of STEENSSEN sound come from materials and the physical design. First the materials are nearly all sustainable materials, being based on wood composites, rubber and metal like aluminum. These are brilliant acoustically and far superior to plastics. In addition it also allows very flexible manufacturing.

Soundwise we use the double transmission zone layout seen in ACTION and TT GRAND where the bass sound is attenuated in a long labyrinth of sound channels before it emerges. On top of that we use reflective sound actively and even the sonic effect of letting bass sound waves travel up behind a tv.


All the current STEENSSEN types of products are designed to provide high sound quality that matches the high definition screens on modern flat screen tv’s. In addition, all the STEENSSEN products are wireless Bluetooth speakers so users can stream music and playlists from smart phones, tablets and mobile devices. Naturally BluRay players and game consoles can be connected easily.


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