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Danish company moves production from Asia to Denmark

Author: Sound Hub Denmark

Published on: JANUARY 14, 2020

One of the first great news this year from Sound Hub Denmark is that the company STEENSSEN has decided to pursue an ambition to move its production of loudspeaker systems from Asia to Denmark. The majority of the future development and production partners are located in Denmark – in Struer, City of Sound.

To meet demands from a growing middle class in China and Japan to have products with the stamp ’Made in Denmark’ and to achieve greater flexibility in the production series for the entire product portfolio, several new collaborations are initiated by STEENSSEN. The aim is to secure global sales growth.

“Danish design and great sound have high value in the growing middle class in Asia when they are looking for great sound for their flat screens. Unfortunately, the manufacturers in China nowadays are set up entirely for mass production, which makes smaller design series aimed at differentiated customer needs almost impossible. Also, trade barriers and the environmental impact of transport are some of the considerations behind moving production to Denmark.”

“In Struer, I have met competences, flexibility and expertise in small series production, which cannot be found anywhere else – and they seem to love challenges”, says Frederick Rickmann, founder and CEO of STEENSSEN.

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