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  • Frederick Rickmann

AIR forth ONE

Yes, sorry about the title. It is a light play of words and nothing at all to do with the name of any presidential aircraft. Or perhaps it does actually. The audio system called AIR is actually designed to make the sound of the human voice sound very clear. Whether AIR is used with your tv or as a stand-alone cordless stereo speaker playing e-books and podcasts, the same applies. AIR is magnificent is giving crystal clear speech and tones like from a piano, violin or guitar. So yes, also a political speech.

AIR forth ONE - STEENSSEN blog

Many sound systems on the market today overplay the deep bass frequencies to such a degree that clarity in the middle and treble tones – like the human voice – is all lost. That doesn’t suit everyone. For language students, people with a hearing deficiency, or people who just like a good book, it is important that every syllable is heard accurately. For that, you need AIR. In many tv dramas and series, the dialogue is crucial. To hear it all you need the kind of quality that you get from AIR.

Speak forth. Speak the truth. Speak and by heard.



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