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  • Frederick Rickmann

Pilot the 4th Dimension

The shape of a tv screen now is more or less just like a sheet of black glass. It has length and height, but the thickness now is down to just a few millimetres. Actually is a most elegant product. Starting from about now with 8K screens, the sharpness and definition on the screen is getting very close to photographic quality. You remember when photographs used to be on paper?

Pilot the 4th Dimension - STEENSSEN ACTION

The slimline shape of the tv is also its weakness. A sheet of glass doesn't sound good. While HBO, Viaplay and Netflix invest millions of dollars in the soundtracks of their films and series, few people can actually hear that. You need the 4th Dimension - and that is good sound. That is what the ACTION audio system is designed to give.

ACTION is designed to give you the full range of sound that you should be hearing from the video and film streaming. All the bass - from the built in sub-woofer. Fine tones in the middle frequencies of music and the absolute high pitches from speech and the guitar riffs that make your hair stand on end.

Pilot the 4th Dimension - STEENSSEN ACTION

The sense of hearing is so important. When we experience things visually, it has to go hand in hand with our other senses. To appreciate and even to fully understand the art of film, you need sound to be there too. You need that 4th dimension. You need ACTION.



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