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  • Frederick Rickmann

Black and White

For thousands of years, the art of lacquer has been perfected in Japan and in the Orient. Originally the oil from the Urushi tree (漆の木) was used to create this magical and yet robust natural finish. Now other methods are used, but the craft of lacquering is still a well-honed art form, that is difficult to achieve in Europe.

Black and White

Fast forwarding now to the 21st century, the AIR audio system from STEENSSEN uses this very sustainable technique to add beauty to sound. The deep gloss of the lacquered front plate on AIR complements the matt black of the acoustic parts giving a totally unique product in design, in sound and also in sustainable materials.

The sound form AIR is similar. Fine tones and sharp definition, subdued bass all go together to create a sonic landscape to your music that embraces the delicacy of the visual aesthetics.



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