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Present Position


DNgroup Aps

SEO Specialist and Asian Director

International Consultants in Innovation and Design       

Thinking Urban


AFR – Arkitekt Frederick Rickmann

Strategic Architecture and Urban Design   

70 Media Publishing






Judy Huang, the Asian Director of DN Aps., is an observer of cross-culture and cross-generational issues, a person who wishes to increase human quality through design communication and the manner of aesthetics.

When Judy was a teenager, she studied at the Department of Drafting, National Taichung Industrial High School, where there were two full days of practice in the drafting of mechanical engineering every week, which formed the solid foundation for future studies. She entered the Industrial Design Department at National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT) to continue drawing, design thinking, product design, and footwear design. The first job after graduating from NTUT, she worked with a European international design agency and realized the gaps between Taiwan and advanced creative countries. Therefore, she went back to school after 2 years of work to be a graduate student at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) and selected design management as her major. Judy received the Master of Science Degree in 1995. The study at NCKU focused on Industrial Designers’ Creation Concerned with Design Behavior.

Judy joined DNgroup in 2003. She wanted to introduce Danish design, which has the reputation of being the best design in the world, to Taiwan. DNgroup, with its innovative thinking methods and advanced skills in giving products good form, gained admiration from Taiwan enterprises. In this position, Judy Huang had experience in the design business and varied knowledge of management and administration. The design environment has changed a lot since 2009. The design profession can’t stand alone by selling design knowledge. Therefore, DNgroup transferred its creative knowledge to commerce to help young designers and start-up entrepreneurs create businesses by design.



Nationality: Taiwan


Taiwanese – Fluency (native language)

Chinese – Very fluency

English - Fluency




2004.02 – now

Director, Asia Pacific, DNgroup Aps

2012.11 – now

Lecturer, New Century Professional Image Services




2019.12 – 2022.12

Consultant, Kuan-Hsi Branch of First Commercial Bank

2014.05 – 2015.04

Special Staff, Jean Yuan Food Technology Co. Ltd., China

2004 – 2012

Board Member, Design Innovation & Management Association (DIMA), Taiwan


2006.05 – 2011.05

Columnist, Management Magazine, Taiwan


2003.02 – 2004.01

Knowledge Manager, DESIGNNORD (DNgroup), Denmark


1999.07 – 2003.01

Project Manager, Design Department, Taiwan Footwear Research Institute


1997.04 – 1999.06

Specialist, Design Department, Taiwan Footwear Research Institute


1995.09 – 1997.03

Engineer, R&D Center, Taiwan Telecommunication Ind., Co. (Tatung Group)


1992.10 – 1993.05

Assistant Engineer, Daishinco Co.


1991.07 – 1992.09

Industrial Designer, Union Design Development Co. (UDDC)

Examiner for Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs - 2012


Branding Value Added Food Packaging Design and Packaging Safety Projects

Examiner for Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs - 2011


High Valued Product Packaging Design Projects

Judge for the Categories of General Section - 2009 Taiwan International Design Competition, Preliminary Selection

Judge for the Categories of Vehicle Styling and Innovation - Motor Vehicle Innovation Design Award for Colleges in Asia 2007



2020 November

Qualified Specialist

Google My Business, completion ID 61852809

1993 Sept. – 1995 June

Master of Science Degree

National Cheng Kung University (NCKU)

1988 Sept. – 1991 June

Industrial Design Department

National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT)

1984 Sept. – 1987 June

Department of Drafting

National Taichung Industrial High School

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