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University of Applied Creativity


Historically, the county of Hui Zhou is probably one of the most important cultural centres in southern China. So it is most appropriate that the new University of Applied Creativity is located there. The aim of the new educational campus is to teach and foster design and creativity in a wide band of subjects, thus enhancing the future ability of Chinese exports to compete globally with values which transcend price alone.

In times gone by, it was the high quality and intrinsic cultural value of Chinese goods that enchanted other nations. So in future, the values of creativity and craftsmanship in a digital age must be reignited for the benefit of the whole society.

The actual campus is designed around the concept of overlapping disciplines. The faculties of architecture and urban design, link the interior space and furniture, which glide over seamlessly into the faculty of product design and lighting. Then graphics and user interface overlap with fashion and clothing design. Closing the compass is artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR) and of course the 4D virtual reality (VR)

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