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THINKING URBAN is about the fact that the majority of people now live in cities, yet we struggle


Hui Zhou Masterplan


In the southern Chinese city of Hui Zhou, the city district of Bo Gang is being redesigned. A new high speed rail link to Shen Zhen and new roads carve through the old street pattern of the area. ThinkingUrban are helping to integrate the necessary new buildings together with the best of the existing buildings and social structure of the area. A new urban parkway is a major part of the new design as well as a heritage key points and the restoration of the existing architecture.

With the hill as a natural backdrop, the first phase includes a balanced mix of residential apartments and offices. These share the site with a shopping mall in 3 storeys which blends into the existing pedestrian areas of the town. 

Bringing people safely across the road is an exciting new concept of a SkyPark. This leads from the cafés and rooftop park of the shopping mall, across the busy roadway and into the area a new international hotel and congress centre. 

Adjacent to this development is a unique innovation in architecture. At ground level, the charming brick buildings of the original village of Bo Gang are renovated and rebuilt. These maintain the spirit of the old street culture and to these are added other old buildings of note from the surrounding community. Buildings which would otherwise be lost to posterity. Above this city block springs a new financial centre in 6 storeys - stepped outwards to give light and air. Thus the re-establishment of Chinese society is seen to evolve from the roots of the countryside and the work of people of people who live there.

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