• Frederick Rickmann

THE WHITE ALBUM - the real thing

On the 22nd of November 2018, the WHITE ALBUM was re-released after 50 years. It was on the same date in 1968 that the Beatles launched their iconic double LP album.

Like almost everything else the Beatles did, it was a revolution. Not only in the composition and orchestration of the music and the selection of the tracks, but in the simple graphics of the cover. As the name suggests, it was a pure white double cover, with the name Beatles' embossed on the front.

My version, isn't the modern, re-mastered re-release. It is the actual original. The real thing. Bought in November 1968. Except that now the cover isn't white at all. Its really a kind of scuffed creamy colour with a mass of scratches and cracks. Yet somehow that just intensifies the quality, and the authenticity, isn't that right?

Like many revolutions, the strengthens and the values inherent in this album weren't apparent immediately. I recall being a bit disappointed on hearing it first time. I thought - like many reviewers now - that it could have been edited to a single LP album. But listening through the tracks now, with the clarity of hindsight, I see that the narrative of the entire album is a masterpiece.

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