• Frederick Rickmann

Music While Eating is Really Healthy

It might seem so obvious. A kind of common sense that everyone knows. Yet there are terabytes of data being produced by very learned universities and hospitals the world over that shows what everybody knows.

Listening to good music while you are eating is healthy.

It improves your digestion and promotes mental well-being. It does so to such an extent that music therapy is used extensively for treatment for a book-load of ailments and disorders.

Restaurants have known that since the dawn of time and the evolution of towns. There is hardly a café, diner or pizza joint that doesn't use some kind of music or even muzak. And the finer up the ladder you go, the finer the music or the small chamber orchestra in the corner.

Listening to good music, played well - will help you eat better food, digest it in a more healthy way and get masses of those super feel-good thoughts. As a designer, when I want to get super creative, I take a long walk, work up an appetite and then launch into almost any kind of music. As long as the sound is quality.

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