• Frederick Rickmann

AIR on Danish Noir

You know Danish Noir. It is that kind of dark Scandinavian crime thriller or whodunnit film that successfully swept across many international tv channels. The origins of Danish Noir are found in a combination of a generation of (mainly) women crime authors and also the innovative Danish film genre called “Dogme” that turned up in the 90’s. That film technique was based on low cost film production with hand-held cameras, ambient lighting, actors in their own clothes and to a large extend a dialogue that just developed as it went along.

Danish Noir was also popular in Scandinavia, but there was a residual complaint that ran through very broadcast. The actors mumbled or talked while eating or smoking. In short, the sound was lousy. People couldn’t make out what was being said. For foreign audience that wasn’t such a huge problem because there were sub-titles. For Danish audiences, the sound track on tv was often gibberish.

That is one of the reasons we at STEENSSEN placed so much effort on getting the sound of the human voice to sound clearly when seeing tv or a series. We did so in the audio system called AIR. Check it out if you like dark, spooky crime thrillers.

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