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New Gangseo-gu Government Office Complex, Seoul, Korea - Preliminary Concept

Accessibility is one of the key characters we wanted to built into this challenging project. The client asked for an office complex that could embody the historical, cultural  and natural environments of the site. Yet the area is dominated by a hoard of anonymous modern architecture.

This design strives to give the city's citizens real and vibrant access to the facilities and services that are created in the building. This is symbolized by raising the actual building up off of the green site areas and giving the townspeople free access of the much needed park.


In this day and age it is absolutely essential for public buildings to show the way in terms of zero emissions and sustainable construction. This concept extends that ideal into the creation of the ideal working environment for those whose workplace this is. This is seen clearly in the choice of electrochromic glass which reacts actively and in colour to the amount of ambient sunlight and temperature.

In this way, a hugely colourful building is created reflecting not only the physical surroundings but also the colourful cultural heritage of Korean society.